Cotton Checks Lungi (3 Pc Pack)


  • Care Instruction: Regular Hand Wash With Similar Colour
  • Material : 100% Pure Cotton Lungi
  • Color: Multi color and Assorted Combo
  • Occasion : Casual/Evening Wear
  • Product Length: 2 Meters Each
  • Design Will vary depends on the availability

The¬†lungi¬†(/luŇč…°i/) is a type of¬†sarong¬†that originated in the¬†Indian subcontinent. It is a traditional¬†skirt-like lower¬†garment¬†wrapped around the waist usually below the belly. Apart from¬†India¬†lungis are also worn in¬†Sri Lanka,¬†Bangladesh,¬†Pakistan &¬†Nepal. It is also known as¬†longyi¬†in¬†Singapore,¬†Cambodia,¬†Burma, and¬†Thailand. The¬†lungi¬†is a particularly popular form of¬†casual wear¬†and¬†night wear¬†for men in regions where the heat and humidity of the climate make it unpleasant and uncomfortable to wear closed and tight garments such as¬†trousers.

Depending on local tradition, lungis can be worn by men and/or women (rarely). They are tied or fastened in various ways, and can be used in different cultural activities, ranging from normal daily life to elaborate wedding ceremonies. For daily purposes, a simple “double twist” knot is most popular, where two points in the upper edge of lungi are brought together and twisted around twice, with the ends tucked in at the waist. However, it is also common for wearers to simply tie a double “pretzel knot” from 2 points on the upper border, which produces a more secure knot. The lungi’s length can also be adjusted, for example, by tucking in the lungi at the waist to make it resemble a short skirt. This is mostly used for labourers who have to work for a long time under a hot sun.